Thursday 24th September 2020

Start 7.30pm (allow 1.5 hrs)

Join us for an evening of dance and expression! We will dance with eyes closed and by candle-light, to deeply connect inwards. No previous experience required.

Chakradance is a journey of self discovery that allows you to travel inwards and connect with your innermost being… while gently holding you in a safe container as you move through each of the chakras, exploring, unravelling, feeling, being and allowing. 

As you connect to your true essence, the free intuitive movement to resonant music allows any stuck negative energy or emotions you may be holding onto to shift and release. Freeing up your life force energy, leading to greater health and vitality.

You can expect to feel lighter, peaceful, connected and free!

About the facilitator: Laura Flynn

Laura is a spiritual wellbeing coach who helps women to reconnect to their true essence by looking at their life through the lens of the chakra system. Bringing greater meaning to their life so that they can live with greater energy, clarity and purpose.

Laura facilitates Chakradance as a beautiful way to encourage connection to self, and help to shift stagnant energy. Opening up and balancing the chakras so that life can flow with ease and grace.

Laura will gently guide you through the dance, so you can relax as you journey inwards. Spaces are limited, so that you will have lots of room to move and play within an intimate group. All facilities and resources for the evening will be provided at the venue, so just bring your lovely self!

Early Bird tix end 17th, secure your spot now…

Call Laura for further any further details about Chakradance: 0412 909 722.

Or The Yoga Room Scarborough for any information about the venue: 0424 237 383.